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With a comprehensive knowledge of paints and finishes, I can advise and carry out work on period properties, understanding the importance of using the most suitable paint or finish in order to allow the fabric of the building to perform as it should.

When painting the exterior of traditional buildings it is essential to allow the walls to breathe; enabling moisture held within the wall structure to continually evaporate from the exterior surface thereby reducing internal dampness. This essential process is jeopardised if a modern plastic coating is used, creating an impermeable skin. Vinyl is commonly used in the manufacture of modern paints and has some undesirable qualities; such as forming an impervious skin.

The most common type of traditional finish used on exterior walls is limewash ( suppliers egTy Mawr, The Traditional Lime Company ) , this can be coloured using earth pigments or natural dyes. Limewash gives a richness of luminescence that cannot be matched by any other finish. For interior walls casein paints and claypaints ( manufacturers such as Earthborn clay paint, Pots of Paint ) are natural products providing a breathable, soft matt finish.

Many companies now specialise in eco-friendly paints more suited for use in a period properties. Manufacturers such as Little Greene and Fired Earth base their paints on traditional recipes and their use of natural, organic and safe-synthetic pigments give superb depth of colour, providing real character and definition ideally suited to a period property.

For exterior woodwork, linseed oil paints ( manufacturer eg Allback Linseed Paints formally known as Holkham Linseed Oil Paint) have been used since 1700s. The paint must be applied to bare wood, this enables it to penetrate, helping to keep moisture out and to minimise the movement of wood exposed to the elements. Linseed oil paint forms a flexible film so it is more resilient to cracking than many other coatings.

Clients have included ‘The Landmark Trust’ 

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